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School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our statutory and other important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask at the school office. Additionally, all policies are available in hard copy on request from the school office.

Safeguarding and welfare

 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedures for Schools September 2023.docxDownload
 Code of Conduct for School Employees Model (1).pdfDownload
 First_Aid Policy_ 2024.pdfDownload
 supporting medical conditions policy2024.pdfDownload
 Whistleblowing MODEL policy for Schools (1).pdfDownload
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Data Protection

 New GDPR.pdfDownload
 Privacy notice regarding pupils (2023).pdfDownload
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Teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment

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Inclusion and wellbeing

 Wellbeing policy 2021.pdfDownload
 supporting medical conditions policy.pdfDownload
 SEND policy February 2022.pdfDownload
 Intimate Care Policy 2021.pdfDownload
 Equalities policy Spring 2022.pdfDownload
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Other Policies

 Complaints procedure March 2024.pdfDownload
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 Charges and Remissions Policy May 2022.pdfDownload
 Complaints procedure May 2022.pdfDownload
 Health and Safety policy.pdfDownload
 Privacy notice regarding pupils (2022).pdfDownload
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Third Party and Supplier List- Data Sharing


We do not share information about pupils or staff with any third party without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.

  • Some suppliers are for staff only, some are for pupils only, some are for both staff and pupils. 

    Where it is legally required, or necessary (and it complies with data protection law) we may share personal information about persons with:

    National Pupil Database
  • Scholarpack - the school's management system
  • Wonde (data integration tool)
  • SIMs (staff management system)
  • FMS - schools financial system
  • The Schoolbus (for School Leaders)
  • The pupil's family and representative
  • Educators and examining bodies
  • Hugg (National Free School Meal voucher Scheme)
  • DPE (data protection education)
  • CPOMs (safeguarding management system)
  • Schools UK (staff absence insurance)
  • Microsoft (office 365 accounts)
  • PING - parent communication system and parents evening
  • Rising Stars - assessment company
  • Parentpay - parent payment system
  • NFER - reception baseline
  • Evolve - educational visits
  • TT Rockstars - Maths Resource
  • Twinkl - Education resource
  • Our Regulator e.g. Ofsted
  • Caterlink (catering)
  • LA finance department
  • Orbis - LA ICT department
  • LA HR department
  • Financial Organisations - Lloyds and Natwest and payroll services provided by LA
  • School Photographer - JP Photographic
  • Health Authorities
  • Health and Social welfare organisations
  • Professional advisers and consultants
  • Police forces, courts and tribunals
  • professional bodies
  • Coolmilk - infant milk
  • PGL - residential trips
  • Tapestry - reception curriculum app
  • Power Maths - curriculum app
  • Next school - both primary and secondary
  • ESCC Disclosures - DBS applications
  • SafetyNet - safeguarding organisation
  • Front Door for Families - safeguarding organisaiton